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Next In House SHOW- J.J's Jam JUNE 9th!!!

Join us for our next in house show.


Join us for a series of horse shows in the comfort of our own farm. These shows are meant to feel like a mock show, however you will be judged by the same specifications as a "real" show. Your dress may be casual (in lesson clothes) or dressed up, talk to your instructor if you have further questions

Bring a dish to share.

We will show rain or shine.

We will be featuring many different disciplines and classes. Please talk with your instructor to verify which classes you should be registering for! We have taken the price of what would have been a "normal'' one day at home show and divided it by two, assuming you were in two (or more) classes. This fee takes care of the entire day including the horse, horse/rider prep, coaching, braiding, setup/teardown, registration, office fees, staff to run show, prizes, etc.

There are plenty of classes for our advanced riders also!

Go to BOOK ONLINE and search for your classes under J.J's JAM (In House Show).

We can sign you up and send you an invoice too!

Let me know if you want to volunteer, you can learn a lot and we appreciate the help :)

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