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"A flower does not think about COMPETING with the flower next to it, it just BLOOMS"

Tentative Show Schedule



3rd-5th    Sahara Sands-St. Paul, MN (INVITE ONLY)

10th-12th Mayflower I & II Dressage Show-Wheeler, WI


12th-14th Midsummer Dressage-Lake Elmo, MN



14th-18th Silverama & Region 14 Championship Show-                   Wilmington, OH



TBA         Dog Days Dressage-Lake Elmo, MN




TBA        Spooktacular-Cedar Rapids, IA

Full Service Show Fees

In House Classes                                       $60/class

Non Recognized Shows                    $200-$320

Recognized Shows

        Dressage Only                          $375-$525

        Class A Shows                           $500-$700

(Rates based off DAYS of show)

Regionals & PreShow                                      $1,200

Sport Horse & Dressage Regionals            $850

Scottsdale                                                           $2,000

Nationals                                                               $1,500

2023 Hauling                 $50 To hook up & 1.10/mile

(Subject to change at any time)

DISCOUNTS (at the Same show)

  • 50% off Second Family Member of same horse 

  • 25% Off More than one horse at a show

  • Special D.I.Y. Discounts (Contact for more info)

Payment plans Available to Qualified Clients


Processing entries-Filling out forms, keeping track of paperwork, copies and postage.
Prep at home- Loading and unloading trailer, laundry.
Setup and organization at show- Unload trailer, equipment for setup, hauling and distribution of shavings/bedding, lay out and set up tack rooms/groom rooms/dressing rooms and any lounge areas, clean up and organize after riders throughout duration of show.
All amenities and hospitality- Decorations, mulch, flowers, chairs, bar, fridge, t.v., etc
Care of horse at show- Feeding, watering, stall cleaning, etc
Coaching- Coaching before, during, and after your class, any additional lessons needed
Show office- Check in and out, make sure USEF Steward had appropriate cards and membership copies of horse and rider, pick up numbers, assist in accounting with secretaries, pick up paybacks if needed, settle up with appropriate vendors (shavings, feed, farrier, tack/supplies trailers)
Work horses-
Manage the horses, work/ride horse depending on their needs. Includes tack up, lunging, warm up rides, untack, and cool down. (If horse is in training)
Professional showing of your horse- I never charge a fee for showing a client's horse, if its in full training
Equipment- Use of my saddles, tack, bits, etc
Preparation and supplies- All equipment and products used to prep your horse and all supplies (i.e. shampoos, conditioners, oils, sheens, brushes, polishes, wraps, boots, polos,etc) Braiding, clipping, sanding. Tacking and prepping for entering ring. Collecting horse, untacking, and cool down after class.

Grooms Fees and Workers
Tear Down- Packing up, cleaning up, loading trailer.


Horse expenses- Hauling, Stalls, Bedding and miscellaneous expense your horse incurred. Drugs and medications billed at cost.
Show expenses- Entries, Sponsorships and/or Patronships and miscellaneous show expenses.
Lodging- To be billed at cost and split between families showing

"Making Dreams Come True One Stride at a Time"

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