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J.J's Journal {VOL:103}

Dear Past, Current and Future Clients,

Lots of moving parts to explain in this Volume!

First off, I hope everyone got through that patch of cold! I am very excited to be entering into another spell of warm weather. The blankets come off and the horse hair starts to shed like crazy.


I have been mainly using this Blog/Update feature for a while now to communicate. It should send an email notification when I post to your emails. I have also been posting on our Facebook page, but I know not everyone uses that platform, therefore I keep most of the updates here. It was brought to my attention that not everyone has been reading my updates here. I have been offering 2023 Make ups since the middle of January in Prior Lake and have options that stretch in to April already. As well as still offering the trail ride options and photo options to make up for the unfortunate loss of lessons at the end of Fall Term.

There are two categories of this Blog/Update page. At the top you you will see "Just J.J's" and "#aModerndayCowgirl" the latter is my personal blog, I will be going into more details about how things came to an end in Hastings and how I have two locations that I can offer lessons. I am still very much on a partial 'Mommy Hiatus', spending lots of time with the kids and organizing our lives and businesses. HOWEVER, I still need my horsey time and (with no other personal income at the moment) the horses need to pay their bills- so I have a few lesson openings available. I understand things did not pan out the way that a few of you wanted, but TRUST me- things were worse for me!

If makeup lessons are not an option here are some others...



APRIL Lessons are posted!! Let me know if you have any questions :)

Brought to you by BLUE*BEEMER*KYKY*(TEDDY)

I currently have some openings for a few lesson riders in Prior Lake, mainly on Sundays. There are some Tuesdays as well. Clink on the title to be redirected. The facility is super nice and FULLY heated. You can sign up for as many or as little as you like. They are first come first serve. I will be scheduling a month to a month and a half out.


I ADDED lessons in Faribault as well! The weather is supposed to be rideable from now for the foreseeable future. Since we only have an outdoor riding arena, I will have to cancel if it gets too chilly, the ground freezes and or it rains/snows. I will have makeup times available if needed.

Email me if you have any questions!!

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