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2024 Horse Show Schedule

Spring is just around the corner, which means so are the horse shows!!

Our schedule is very similar to last year, however I added two shows that have Western Dressage options AS well as English Dressage.

Let me know if you have any questions.

I have also included a link to enroll and a downloadable PDF.

If you go on our site under the "shows" tab will be a price break down also!

I can't wait to get back on the road!! :)



2024 Show Schedule (1)
Download PDF • 54KB

J.J’s 2024 Show Schedule

May 3rd-5th

Sahara Sands

St. Paul, MN

-Formal Classes

-Arabian Main Ring

May 10th-12th

Mayflower I &II

Wheeler, WI

-Formal Classes

-English Dressage

-All Breeds

July 12th- 14th

Midsummer Dressage

Lake Elmo, MN 

-Formal Classes

-English Dressage

-Western Dressage

-All Breeds

August 14th-18th

Silverama and Region 14

Wilmington, OH

-Formal Classes

-All Arabian Show 

-All Classes/Ages/Levels

-Regular Show AND

-Regional Championship show

September TBA

Dog Days Dressage Show

Lake Elmo, MN

-Schooling Classes

-English Dressage

-Western Dressage

-All Breeds



Cedar Rapids, IA

-Formal & Schooling Classes

-All Classes

-All Levels

-All Ages

Dates and locations have been verified through the USEF site. However it is subject to change!

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