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We created #whyHORSES to educate more people as to "why" they need horses in their lives, since there are many benefits the horse has to offer. As horse lovers, we want to share this with as many people as possible. We have asked fellow equine enthusiasts, to contribute their stories as to #whyHORSES are a part of their lives. We would love to hear from more people in all aspects of the horse industry. Please send us an email or connect with us on our social media sites!

Keep scrolling for some stories we have collected so far.

Check back to see if yours will be featured!


Why should my child ride horses?


To teach her love and have respect for animals. To help gain poise and confidence- act with authority, yet with respect for things much grander and larger.

Oh and because she loves it!

~Kelly (Raiyne's Mom)

Why Horses? That’s the easiest question I’ve ever been asked. It’s like breathing for me, I can’t imagine my life without it, but I’m a horse person through and through. I’ve learned that you are either a horse person in this life or you’re not. I was the kid that read every horse book in every library in town. I started riding at 9 years old after a neighbor kid started taking lessons at a local barn. From that moment I sat down in the saddle on a stubborn little Shetland pony, I was no longer just a kid, I was a ‘horse kid’. I think every person has that dividing line in their life: Before horses, and since horses.

I played a myriad of competitive sports growing up (soccer, volleyball, swimming, track). I was involved in competitive speaking and business clubs. None of them compare in teaching a young kid sportsmanship like riding horses does. Most of the competitive horse world is judged subjectively. You might have a spectacular ride, the best one you’ve ever had, but the judge liked another horse and rider a little more than your horse that moment in time. Or you have a not so great ride, but somehow pull out a win. I learned that everyone will go through both scenarios and it’s best to congratulate the winner and keep on doing your best and wait for your day in the winner’s circle to come around. Or take your blue ribbon that you miraculously won with grace and cheer on the rest of your friends and barn mates in their classes.

From a Lifelong Equestrian

J.J's Equestrian Academy offers horseback riding lessons on our beautiful and kind Arabian Horses. Our farm also hosts boarding stables, leasing horses, summer camps, and training for show horses.

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