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No more newborn diapers

No more belly kicks

No more Braxton Hicks.

No more epidurals.

Here's to the last 0m-3m clothes.

Here's to the last size NB and 1 diapers.

Here's to (minimal) late night/early am feedings.

You my little preemie caboose are no longer my teeny are a smilie, cooing, chunky big boy.

You are the best little baby dude, I could ask for. So strong, stoic and gentle. You are the perfect last chapter.

Parts of me are sad to see those teeny tiny baby moments fleet away, never to come back....but this 'post having babies mom fog' that is lifting is a BRAND new experience. I will probably be talking about that nuance a lot in the near future.

Holy shit, no more pregnancies....15 years of having babies.

There are definitely seasons to life! Crazy!

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