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First up here is the link for makeups!!

We do have some updates in our schedule.

No "scheduled" lessons this week 10/17-10/24.

Leases are still on board this week though!

Tonight is a make up for a previously cancelled Wednesday and not on the makeup list. I am assuming most are planning on coming, unless you already talked to me.

There are NO Lessons on 10/29, this includes Leasees- due to a Halloween party that Lucky U is having. ALL are INVITED.

There are also NO Lessons on 10/31- for all students.

You are invited to wear your Halloween Costume to the barn for lessons 11/22-11/28. We will take pics and post on our Socials!

Reminder that there are no "scheduled" lessons from 11/1-11/7. Leasees will stay the same, except for Sunday the 5th. We will be away at a horse show that weekend.

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