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J.J's Journal

Updated: Jan 14

Welcome to Fall Term! Hopefully everyone is back in the groove with school!

We had an AWESOME summer, lots of great lessons and a couple great shows!

I wanted to touch base about a few things-

Spooktacular Horse Show- I am starting to make official arrangements for our next show! It is November 3rd-5th in Cedar Rapids, IA. There will be classes for everyone. I do need to know what our count is going to be, so I can start figuring out who is riding who.

Please register asap!!!

Pick up after yourself- There has been an issue with "us" collectively not clean up after ourselves. This includes picking up poop in the arena, picking up and cleaning the groom stalls. This is for Lesson kids AND Leasee/Owners! Also if you see a full cart/wheel barrel please dump it!

Dress in Layers- As we approach cooler seasons, we recommend that our riders dress in layers.

Sign Waivers- Make sure you have signed both this year!

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