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In the past I have pre-enrolled current riders. I will let you guys have a crack at it first, before I start plugging people in. I can always add you if needed! We are still taking Venmo. If you would like to use Venmo, please just pay the amount and write in the description what day and time you would like. I am still making tweaks as we speak, let me know if you are in need of something that is not listed, we can always accommodate!

We start September 6th and end December 19th

OUR OFF WEEKS ARE October 18th-25th Nov 1st-7th Nov 22nd-28th

Here is a list of the classes we are offering this fall! We will be offering CLINICS also...these classes will be held on Sundays and will have a different TOPIC each week and can be paid for individually.


Private classes geared towards the riders individual needs. These are specialty classes- For our riders 7 and under OR for any rider looking for one on one time; for confidence building, strength training,etc. These are ALSO open for our high functioning special needs riders as well.


For Beginners- Preferably for people with less than a year of lesson experience.

If you are joining mid term, please contact us for the coupon code to reflect the prorated price!


You must have a recommendation from your instructor, feel free to discuss this option with us! (For transparency, this doesn't mean you jump every class, however we will do a lot of jumping and we will always be jump focused in our exercises and our pole work-flat work is just as important).We will still practice jumping in our traditional lessons too, this is just a bit more immersive!


Anyone 8-18.

We can make adjustments and recommendations if there are better suited levels for you after we start.


Anyone 18 and over.


Anyone :)


These lessons are reserved for our Owners and Lessees. J.J's may also join our traditional lesson as well. Just let me know what slot you want, and I will add you so you do not have to pay, since your fees are included in your monthly invoice :)

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