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Mission Statement

J.J's Equestrian Academy is a riding community that accommodates all levels of riders. We seek to introduce the horse to as many people as we can. We also strive to inspire and educate the next generation.

Vision Statement

 The vision at J.J's Equestrian Academy is to bring people together through the “magic” of the horses in THREE key areas. 

Positive Experience


Personal Empowerment

Nothing bothers a horse person more than being told that riding horses is not a sport. We will be HAPPY to show you how false that is! Riding is hard work! At your first lesson you will discover muscles you didn't even know you had. Whether you're 4 years old or 80 years young, whether you're a first time rider or a national caliber competitor, it's a great way to get fit and stay fit. Adults find that it keeps them limber and healthy and the mental benefits are overwhelming. Riding horses helps develop a sense of humor and humbleness - this is a beautiful mindset for young kids and teenagers to learn. You will never lose by learning how to work hard.







In this modern day of technology we're looking to bridge the gap between screen time and stable time. Technology is wonderful, it makes our world go round and has improved our society greatly, but with every new advancement, “getting back to our roots" becomes even more important. Horses are good for the soul….plain and simple. Yes, they are big and can be intimidating, but we're here to help you understand why they're good for you. There's nothing like checking out of the hustle and bustle of the “real world” and stepping into the barn. The world stops spinning, the devices stop chiming, the text messages can wait. You can BREATHE and settle into your own skin. The horses and anyone you meet at the barn don't care if you're wearing the latest fashion accessories or clothes. We don't even care if your hair is brushed or not! We care that you are here, in person and ready to share the horse experience with us.

J.J's Equestrian Academy offers horseback riding lessons on our beautiful and kind Arabian Horses. Our farm also hosts boarding stables, leasing horses, summer camps, and training for show horses.

Horses have this beautiful way of humbling people, while at the same time treating us all equally - which frankly this world needs more of. The horse accepts you for who you are and brings out the humanity in all. Once you catch the horse bug you can't help but feel for them and what they're expressing. You innately start to hear what they're telling you and get this sense of empowerment from developing a true relationship with another creature. We firmly believe that everyone should have a positive horse experience in a structured and safe environment at least once in their lives. We hear too many stories that starts with “This one time I rode a horse and... (insert bad experience)”. We're here to offer an alternate ending from those types of stories with our talented horses, organized learning experience, and knowledgeable instructors.

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