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“We want to share our experiences with anyone who wants to create their own “DT” story. It does not matter what your preferred breed or discipline is, there is place for every horse and rider at The Dream Team Equestrian Academy. Part of this incredible journey is discovering what is most suitable for each soul at this stage in their life. I strongly believe everyone can benefit from learning what the horse can share with us.  Over the years, I have been far more impressed with what the horse has taught someone versus what someone has taught the horse. I just hope I can share some of the qualities the horse has taught me, to my own children. Be patient, be kind, work hard and have a sense of humor with everything that comes your way!”

~Jill Scottston


"Where do I begin... the dream team has blessed my professional and personal life in more ways than I could ever begin to describe. It has taught me that family isn’t always blood, it’s those who support you, push you, believe in you, fail with you, succeed with you and everything in between. Being a part of the dream team is something that drives me to be better and do better in every aspect of my life. I was lucky to have met my people, my “tribe” at a young age. Growing up I missed a lot of “normal“ things to pursue my dreams with my closest friends who have now become family. And I wouldn’t change a second of it... the good, the bad and the ugly. When you have the people who understand you, and share the same passion and work ethic as you, it’s not hard to make magic. The DT was created by a group of fiercely strong women who all excel in different aspects of the industry. Brought together, unstoppable. The dream team is something incredibly special and I can’t wait to see it bless so many others the way it has blessed me. " 

~An original member of the Dream Team



History Behind The

“Dream Team”

Working together with horses brought the original members of the “Dream Team” together. It all started with four unique women of various ages, different backgrounds, distinctive tastes, and vibrant personalities. The common bond was an intense passion for horses even though their interests were in different disciplines of riding. They also shared an incredible work ethic and an uncanny sense of humor. They shared an innate ability to bring out the best in each other. Each had their own life, their own 9 to 5, their own unique family. But, on the weekend at a horse show they hustled. They clicked and flowed so well that they could handle anything. These horse show weekends and countless days spent with horses brought them very close together. They bonded and grew into their own unique family.


They began to call themselves the “DT” – the Dream Team. “DT” became their code, their own unique name. It also became a verb.  “DT” meant, to accomplish the next task or challenge in an organized, and efficient flurry, to accomplish something that in the moment seemed impossible. Often, they felt so empowered that they could literally tackle anything that was thrown at them. In the hardest and most stressful moments, the DT they knew they could count on each other, that they would be there for one another. Through hard work, humor and a passion for horses they found they could tackle just about anything in the horse industry (and in the world for that matter). The DT quickly became the foundation on which this program is built.


As the years went by, The “Dream Team” began to mean much more. “Dream Team” came to represent the bond created between previously unfamiliar people who may not have become close or even friends under other circumstances except for the special way horses have in bringing people together. Bringing us together in such a way that teaches us to be patient, kind, and insanely hard working. The Academy was started with the hope that the horse could pass on these qualities to empower the next generation.

 We offer many different ways to be a part of the team, no matter what stage you are at

"DT truly means family to me. I grew up loving horses - riding and showing at any opportunity. My parents didn't ride, nor did anyone else in my family or really any of my friends. I was introduced to the dream team by chance after college and realized they were truly some of the family I had been missing all along. We've all come from different places, have different personalities and styles, but I've never felt like I belong with a group of people more than I do with the DT" 

~An original member of the Dream Team

""I had the obnoxious horse wallpaper, the model horses, and my very own horse (a bicycle). I was the only one in my family that had any interest and started riding when I was 8. My family always thought I would have "grown" out of horses, but yet here I am. Clearly still very much horse crazy. The friendships and bonds you will make through your own journey at the academy will be priceless. This program is designed to fit anybody and everybody. The atmosphere is always positive and you should be prepared to bring a smile. I am a firm believer that laughter can sooth any soul add some horses, and the combination is unbeatable."

~An original member of the Dream Team

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