To Register:
You can log into your account at www.equilesson.com/thedreamteamequestrianacademy

1. Click on Add New Lesson
2. Click on Type of Lesson and Modify the Selection-The easiest way is to unselect all, and then select one of the Lesson Options(Examples listed below)

Semi-Private Adult with Child
Term SP 18+ Adult
Term Private Any Age
Term SP Elementary Ages 11-17
Term SP Primary Ages 8-10

3. Choose your instructor or you can leave all selected

4. Go into the calendar and move it to first lesson of the term. Choose the day of the week. If you don't move the calendar ahead to that first week of the term, you'll be signing yourself up for the current Term, so please make sure to do this!

5. Select your lesson and Schedule!

Lessons are grouped by age first then level second. Talk with your instructor about your riding level and if any changes should be made.

We can't wait for the new term to start and for all of you to continue with us! Our numbers continue to grow! Thank you for being a part of the Dream Team Equestrian Academy!

If you have any questions, or if you are having problems with registration, please feel free to email us: thedreamteamacademy@gmail.com.

We can help get you registered that way too!

And again, MANY thanks for being part of our amazing, growing TEAM!

J.J's Equestrian Academy offers horseback riding lessons on our beautiful and kind Arabian Horses. Our farm also hosts boarding stables, leasing horses, summer camps, and training for show horses.